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  • i'm payton. i love rain and plants.
  • vuuw asked:
    idk how much this would mean to you. but last week a very close friend of mine took his life. i havent been able to eat since, i've lost 10 pounds. i feel lost. i feel like i should've helped him more and i am going to regret for the rest of my life not helping him more. i wanted to tell him that there is so much light and wonder in this world. i know you are loved and have so much value and bring joy to people who care about you. life is beautiful and so are you. i hope things look up, sunshine

    Never EVER feel like it is your fault when somebody takes their life. It is never your fault. I’m sorry you’re going through this.

    leafygay asked:
    I love you so much Kylie. Im getting moved to the psych ward soon so come visit if your moms ever not around.
    mossykid replied:

    At geisinger? I can come tomorrow before I go to see hope and grace?


    Hi guys I am in the hospital. Friday I attempted to kill myself and was having seizures and fell and had head trauma. I’m just waiting for psych doctor to move me to the psych ward. I probably won’t be active until at least the end of the week if not longer. I would like to thank my dog for sensing m convulsions and Lydia for calling 911. I was life lighted to a different hospital. And I’ve visited with Kylie and I’ll get my meds switched and hopefully be better soon.